The military industry is an essential one for any country, as it involves the research and production of goods and equipment that are used by military units. It is central to the safety, security, and defense of the nation, and includes items such as firearms, military vehicles, electronics, and materials for defense shelters.

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Our contribution

Our contribution

Military production operates on a strict timeline and much of the information involved with it is confidential. Military contractors must be sure to work with trustworthy logistics partners who can deliver materials on time and who won’t disclose sensitive information. Failure to do so could result in national security threats.

We are an ADR-certified carrier, so we can transport all types of military products, including ammunition. More importantly, we have access to specialized equipment that can be used to haul oversized and heavy machinery – items that are common in military production. Our extensive network allows us to ship these items by air, road, rail, or sea depending on the urgency of each individual shipment.

We offer transportation service of

  • Tanks
  • Cars
  • Ammo

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