LNK Project

  • Domestic transportation in Baltic Region.
  • February 2, 2021

More than 520 positions with total weight of 1917 metric tons.

Acceptance from the ship, sorting and delivery of project cargo for the mining industry. More than 520 positions with total weight of 1917 metric tons, including large out of gauge positions – almost 7 meters overwidth. Delivery by more then 150 trucks and with the assistance of pilots and the police escort for out of gauge pieces.

To organize the subsequent transportation procedures, our company sorted more than 520 items of various metal constructions in the port of Riga immediately after the cargo was unloaded from vessel. This allowed us to plan the loading of cargo onto vehicles in a short time and with the most optimal loading plan. Sorting was carried out not only by the type and weight of the cargo, but also by the place of storage. The sensitive cargo was stored indoors.   

All operations taking place in the port were carried out under the supervision of arranged independent survey. Monitoring safety and correct execution of all procedures.


Vessel discharging and sorting operations.


Outdoor storage after sorting operations.


Vessel discharging and sorting operations in port of Riga, Latvia.


Cargo survey and vessel discharging operations.

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