The aerospace industry involves research, development, and production of aircraft, both within our atmosphere and into space. It is a major industry with many regulations, as aircraft can be used for personal, commercial, or military purposes.

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Our contribution

Our contribution

Airplanes, whether personal or commercial, are complicated vehicles with many moving parts. In order to build a plane (or a rocket), materials from many different suppliers must be obtained. Usually, they cannot all be found in one place, requiring the use of shipping partners to move these parts across the world.

We offer transportation services for small aircrafts, such as personal planes and helicopters, as well as parts such as propellers and engines. One unique service we offer is the ability to transport fuel for planes because of our ADR certification.

We offer transportation service of

  • Helicopters
  • Small jets
  • Disassembled big jet
  • Disassembled airplanes

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