General Cargo

General cargo, also referred to as break bulk cargo or unitized cargo, is a term used to describe non-specialized goods that can be loaded into standard shipping packages such as boxes, crates, barrels, or pallets. It’s also the cargo which dimensions allow it to be loaded into 40″ High cube container. General cargo is the most common form of cargo, and can be shipped by road, rail, sea, or air. There are many options available for each of these modes of transport. General cargo presents daily challenges for shippers and their customers.

General cargo by road transport

Road shipping is a common solution for general cargo, as trucks are abundant and can haul almost any product. It is important to provide accurate weights and product descriptions to providers so that they can ensure they pick the right truck for the job. General cargo can be shipped on a variety of trailers, based on the description.

General cargo by railroad transport

Rail is another popular form of ground transport that is often used for long-distance shipments. Railways are reliable, as they run on set schedules and don’t suffer from unexpected traffic. General cargo can be hauled directly from the railyard or dropped off by a local truck, called drayage. Some options for shipping general cargo by rail include:

General cargo by maritime transport

Sea transport is a great option for shipments that must travel long distances, especially overseas. In addition to traveling over oceans, sea vessels can be used to haul cargo on rivers or lakes. Because of the size of the vessels, they are able to haul large amounts of cargo. Customers should be sure to have accurate descriptions and dimensions to ensure that there is space on the vessel to haul the cargo.

General cargo by air transport

Air is an excellent option for time-critical shipments. In some cases, an airplane can pick up and deliver a shipment in a different country in a matter of hours. There are three main ways to ship cargo by air:

Benefits of General Cargo

Finding a Carrier

Whether shipping by air, sea, road, or rail, finding an available transport is one of the most common problems. When manufacturing is booming, there are fewer vessels available than there are loads to ship. Finding the most suitable transport at the best price within a reasonable time frame is a daily routine.

Choosing the Right Option

Determining what mode of transport and what service type can also be a challenge. Every mode offers certain advantages and disadvantages. Even within the modes, there are a variety of service levels that could impact price and reliability. Shippers must thoroughly evaluate their options and decide which ones makes the most sense.

Tracking and Communication

It is important for a customer to know where their freight is at all times, but that is not always easy. GPS systems can fail, and phone calls may not always be an option. While technology is constantly improving to fix this, it is still an issue that most shippers face.

Cargo Considered as General Cargo

  • Food and Beverages
  • Paper and Paper Products
  • Wine, Liquor, and Oils
  • Apparel
  • Textiles
  • Automobiles
  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Steel products
  • In gauge machinery

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