Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Third Party Logistics involves the outsourcing of supply chain and distribution operations to external providers, or third parties. The goal of third-party logistics is to save time and money for customers who don’t have the resources to handle all distribution operations on their own. We leverage industry expertise to secure the best carriers and negotiate competitive rates. We specialise in securing trucks, trains, and other modes of transport for our customers. In addition to providing transportation services, we offer warehousing, fulfilment, and inventory services.

Road transport

We are capable of securing any kind of truck for road shipping. Whether it be a dry van, refrigerated (temperature-controlled) unit, open-deck, or specialized trailer, we have the network of verified and reliable partners to find the best solution,

Railroad transport

Our relationships with railway authorities and experience in this type of transportation mode - make it simple to ship cargo over long distances. Rail shipments are reliable and affordable.

Maritime transport

Our maritime providers can ship full containers or partial containers, as well as specialised and out-of-gauge cargo. Every carrier in our network is reliable and will be sure to handle all customer cargo with the greatest amount of care. Our partnership and long-term relationships with carriers help us to get the most favorable conditions.

Air transport

For cargo that must be shipped at the fastest speed, we offer air services throughout the world. Whether it is a short flight for a same day delivery or for cargo that has to travel halfway across the world, we have the contracts and relationships to make it happen.

As coronavirus continued to spread rapidly around the world with new power, that led many countries to take emergency precautions and actions.

Benefits of Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Capacity & Competition

3PLs compete not only with other 3PLs, but also with asset-based carriers. In competitive markets with a lot of freight, it can be difficult to come across the right truck for the right price. This can lead to bidding wars among third party providers, driving up rates throughout the region. This is why it is important to work with a 3PL who has strong relationships with their carriers, as they may have more leverage when it comes to securing a truck in a specific area.


Because these companies are third parties, communication can be an issue. If a customer wants to know where their shipment is, they can’t call the driver or carrier directly; they must communicate with their 3PL, who in turn will speak to the carrier. 3PLs who utilize strong technology can avoid this setback by granting their customers access to real-time tracking and tracing portals.

Lack of Assets

For 3PLs who do not own their equipment, even more challenges can arise. If a truck breaks down in transit, they cannot send their own truck to recover the shipment, as they do not have one. Instead, they have to reach out to their carrier network to see who may have a truck in the area. This is a challenge, but not necessarily a weakness. Their expanded network means that they may have a better chance of securing a truck than a company who only works with their own assets.


We are capable of providing warehousing services thanks to our internal network and our strong relationships with external providers. For customers who do not have enough warehouse space to hold all their product, we can find a warehouse in the right place, allowing for storage until it is ready to be transported. Our warehousing and transportation teams work together to ensure that all cargo is handled carefully and loaded and secured properly. The relationships between these teams allows us to ship out on time and prioritize customer cargo.

Transportation Services

Our wide network of transportation providers allows us to outsource customer cargo for transportation via truck, train, plane, or sea vessel. We can provide transportation services for single pallets or entire truckloads, ensuring that cargo will be picked up and delivered in a timely and reliable fashion. Some advantages of our third-party transportation services include: • Access to a large, wide-reaching carrier network • Real-time tracking and tracing • 24-hour customer service and dispatch • Truckload, partial, and consolidated shipments • Multi-modal transportation options

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