Road Transport

Road transport provides the best combination of timeliness and cost-effectiveness. If you have sufficient lead time, road transport is generally the most popular mode of transit for both large and small shipments alike. Customers can choose from less-than-truckload or full truckload services, giving them options to match their budget and schedule. There are also expedited options drivers that allow shippers to cut delivery time considerably while providing significant cost savings.

Benefits of Road Transport

Door-to-Door Service

Trucks are able to pick up directly at the shipper and deliver directly to the receiver. There is no transfer of freight required for final delivery.

Less Packaging

Materials don’t have to be packed as tightly or strictly as with other modes, and sometimes don’t require any packaging at all.

Greater Service Area

Trucks can deliver to remote regions that might not be serviced.


Customers benefit from access to a greater network of trucks that can accommodate their needs quickly – often on the same day.


Trucks can provide quick turnaround time, especially on shorter hauls. In some cases, trucks can pick up and deliver in the same day or early the next morning.

Variety of Trailers

With access to containers, dry vans, open decks, and extended trailers, customers benefit from the ability to ship almost any type of cargo imaginable when using trucks.


Shipping via truck often allows for changes to delivery dates or transit times. Some extra charges may be incurred but they are generally cheaper than with other modes.

Trailer Types

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ADR & Hazardous cargo
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40′ High Cube Container

An ISO shipping container is used for the shipment of temperature sensitive, perishable cargo such as meats, fruits and vegetables. This container type relies on external power to keep the temperature regulated. Reefers generally come in 20’ and 40, and are commonly made from a weathering steel known as ‘Cor-ten’ steel.

  • Alternative names: 40’HC, 40 feet High Cube
  • Dimensions: 340 x 450 x 420 (m), 530 (m3)
  • Max. load: (24t.)
  • Suitable for: general cargo, oog cargo

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