Ocean & Barging

Customers who have freight that isn’t on a strict schedule can find many advantages with sea transport. With sea transport, multiple containers can be held on a single vessel, ensuring that the product arrives to the port at the same time and under the same manifest. Sea transport can provide shipping over the ocean and also on inland rivers through the use of vessels and ferries. It allows for consolidation and cost-sharing models so that customers with smaller shipments can still take advantage of savings.

Benefits of Ocean & Barging

Low Cost

Ocean transport benefits from economies of scale as shipping vessels often hold thousands of containers.


Ocean carriers are held to stringent safety standards, so customers can be sure that their cargo is being given the best treatment


Ship capacities allow not only for a large volume of containers, but also for bulk and oversized freight that simply won’t fit on a truck or a plane.

International Reach

No matter where the shipment is coming from, sea vessels should be able to get the cargo to a port where it can be loaded onto a ship for delivery to any country.


Ships have the smallest carbon footprint of any other form of transport, so shippers are being friendly to the environment when they choose to ship over the sea. Carbon emissions are continuing to decrease on a yearly basis despite a greater number of shipments.

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