Project Cargo

Project logistics involves the warehousing, shipping, and fulfillment for specific company projects that aren’t part of day-to-day operations. Project logistics is common in industries such as construction & civil infrastructure. We take over the logistics operations for the entire project, creating a timeline and a complex scheme to help the customer ship and receive all materials that are necessary to complete the plan.

Project cargo logistics

We offer our Project Logistics services across any mode of transportation that is required to get our customers’ materials from point A to point B. We know that one truckload of cargo cannot finish an entire project, so we work with carriers from all backgrounds to coordinate shipments, whether they are traveling from a local plant or from a supplier 5,000 miles away. If there is an emergency in which a product from another country is needed the next day, we can find a plane to fly it to the nearest port, where we will have a truck waiting to pick it up for final mile delivery. For large shipments that have been scheduled ahead of time, we have ocean and rail options that can provide cost savings while still offering reliable service. Our strong relationships with our extensive network of transportation providers allows us to create customized solutions for any project with any budget.

More than 520 positions with total weight of 1917 metric tons, including large out of gauge positions – almost 7 meters overwidth. Delivery by more then 150 trucks and with the assistance of pilots and the police escort for out of gauge pieces.

Benefits of Project Cargo


Many projects are handed to the project management team with unrealistic deadlines. Large projects can take months or even years to complete, and within those larger periods of time, there are even more deadlines for certain milestones. Negotiating, planning, and procuring materials can all take up valuable time while both internal and external expectations remain high.


Large projects often require materials from a variety of sources, including some in other countries. In order to bring these items across borders, companies must follow certain rules and regulations and secure the proper licenses and transport clearances from all relevant regulatory bodies.

Out of gauge cargo

Construction projects are well-known for requiring large, out-of-gauge pieces that won’t fit on standard shipping containers. In some cases, every piece may be oversized, meaning that every shipment throughout the project will need specialized equipment as well as permits for any municipalities that require them.


Projects that span several months or years can be heavily affected by seasonality. Construction workers cannot work in icy, inclement winter weather conditions, meaning they may not stay consistent with their building schedule. This means that certain shipments may need to be delayed or stored elsewhere until the team gets back on schedule.

Project Assessment

We look at all proposed projects and come up with a realistic timeline and reasonable price. We let our customers know what is possible and what can’t be done, and we give them all the details on what we plan to do to complete the project.

Pricing Analysis

Most projects can be completed in a variety of ways, and we prefer to provide several options to do so. We can compare pricing across a range of carriers and transportation modes, as well as for different timelines.

Transportation Management

We will take over all transportation operations for any customers who do not want to handle the shipping. We can secure trucks, trains, planes, and cargo ships to ensure that all materials are transported safely and effectively. We will track and trace all shipments and provide solutions for any problems that may arise, such as breakdowns or delays due to traffic or weather conditions.

Cargo Considered as Project Cargo

  • Rehabilitations of power plants
  • Civil infrastructure projects
  • New manufacture constructions

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More than 520 positions with total weight of 1917 metric tons, including large out of gauge positions – almost 7 meters overwidth. Delivery by more then 150 trucks and with the assistance of pilots and the police escort for out of gauge pieces.

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