Oil & Gas

Oil and gas are some of the most important materials in the world, being used by the power and energy industries to provide us with electricity and fuel to keep our lights on.

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Our contribution

Our contribution

Oil and gas constantly need to be brought to new areas to ensure that they can use their electricity. There are also many materials used in moving these liquids throughout communities, and they must be brought in by truck, train, plane, or boat.

While we are capable of transporting the actual liquids, our specialty is in shipping the infrastructure for oil use such as pipes, heavy machinery, and rigging products. We have a variety of specialized vehicles and strong, qualified team of drivers that understand the importance of delivering on time.

We offer transportations service of

  • All kind of pipes for oil production
  • Liquid fuels like gasoline, diesel, jet-fuel
  • Asphalt and similar products
  • Liquid petroleum gas (LPG)

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