The pharmaceutical industry is comprised of companies that research, develop, and produce drugs for medical use. These drugs could be as simple as basic painkillers or as advanced as brand-new vaccines.

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Our contribution

Our contribution

Many pharmaceutical drugs, especially vaccines, are time-sensitive and must reach their destinations as quickly as possible. In addition to this, they are usually temperature-sensitive and cannot freeze or overheat. Because of this, it is vital that pharmaceutical companies have strong logistics teams and partners to ensure safe and timely delivery of their cargo.

We have access to a wide range of temperature-controlled equipment across a variety of modes, allowing us to quickly ship pharmaceutical goods by truck, train, boat, or plane. Pharmaceutical cargo is secured according to the strictest quality control standards, and the temperature is monitored throughout the entirety of the shipment. Our pharmaceutical customers can be confident that their life-saving products are reaching their patients in time.

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