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The Power & Energy industry is comprised of fossil fuel, electrical power, nuclear, and renewable energy providers throughout the world. It includes the extraction of fuel, manufacturing of required machinery, and the sale of the energy to governments or to the public.

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Our contribution

Our contribution

No matter what sort of energy is being used, something needs to be transported from one place to another. Fossil fuels need to be distributed throughout the world, as do items such as solar panels and electric wires. In emergencies, power companies need to know that they can rely on their transportation providers to get their products (generators, fuel, wires, etc.) to the affected areas.

Our specialized equipment fleet gives us the ability to haul awkward, heavy items such as generators, engines, and wind turbines. Our expedited services ensure that vital instruments will make it their destination in time, and our customers can track the shipments in real-time as they are in transit.

We offer transportation service of

  • Wind turbines
  • Out of gauge generators
  • In gauge generators

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