The shipbuilding industry involves the procurement of materials, planning, and production of ships, boats, and other vessels that travel by sea. These can be luxury boats such as yachts or large containerships used to haul cargo. It is a vast industry with merchants all over the world. It is also one of the oldest industries, dating back to before the 4th millennium BC. There is always a need for more ships.

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Our contribution

Our contribution

The materials used for new ships are constantly changing and evolving, and certain items can only be produced in specific areas of the world. If a shipbuilder needs a particular engine from another country, they must have it shipped to them by land, air, sea, or rail. These materials often have special requirements because of how large they are or because of the nature of the items used to manufacture them.

Our services are ideal for personal ship owners, as we specialize in shipping yachts and smaller seacraft. We have the trailers and containers that are needed to ship entire boats as well as materials used to produce them, such as propellors and high-powered engines. It is our pleasure to work with both ship manufacturers and the final customer to ensure that everything is delivered intact and on time.

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