ADR & Hazardous cargo

ADR means Accord Dangereux Routier, which are the regulations applied to shipments of dangerous goods throughout Europe. Hazardous cargo is anything that might pose a threat to the environment or to the people around it. Toxic chemicals, flammable items, and biological waste are all examples of hazardous goods, and these such items must be shipped in accordance with ADR regulations.

ADR & Hazardous cargo

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Any manufacturer who produces or ships toxic, dangerous, or hazardous cargo will need to use the services of a certified hazardous cargo carrier. If there are any risks involved with the cargo that could damage the environment or cause a disaster, it is important to use a carrier that is qualified to handle it.

Our extensive network of ADR certified carriers allows us to book hazardous cargo shipments throughout Europe. We are able to ship by sea, air, road, or railway, and our experts are qualified in every aspect of hazardous shipping.

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