LTL (Less than truck load)

Less than truckload, or LTL, is a method of shipping several pallets or packages over the road in a truck. An LTL shipment is consolidated with other LTL shipments to fill a truck. These shipments might be one pallet or could consist of multiple barrels of product, but they usually take up less than half of a truck.

LTL (Less than truck load)

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LTL shipping is an excellent option for customers who have multiple small shipments to send to different destinations. If there is ample lead time and flexibility for delivery, it makes sense to consolidate these loads and to ship LTL rather than paying for a dedicated truck. Small, high-density shipments also benefit from LTL service.

We offer best in class LTL services by utilizing our reliable ground transportation partners and in-house shipping experts. Whether shipping a single pallet or several drums of material, we are able to secure the correct equipment and route the cargo to the correct destination.

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