LCL (Less than container load)

Less Than Container Load, or LCL, is an ocean or sea cargo shipment that does not require the use of an entire shipping container. This might be a single pallet or several boxes or barrels of product. These shipments are calculated by weight or volume. Usually, freight forwarders will consolidate multiple LCL shipments into one container, optimizing the space available in the shipping vessel.

LCL (Less than container load)

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In general, a client would ship LCL if they do not have a large amount of product to send. If they are only taking up a small percentage of the container, it doesn’t make sense to pay for the entire unit. LCL is also useful for consolidating multiple small shipments that are going to similar destinations.

We offer full service LCL solutions thanks to our large network of shipping providers. We are happy to consolidate multiple shipments and provide real time tracking and tracing for each individual shipment. Our customers pay only for the space that they use, allowing them to save money by not paying for an entire container.

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