Multimodal transportations

Multimodal transportation is a service that move cargo from one point or another using two or more modes of transport. This takes place under a single contract, meaning that the same provider is responsible for shipping over the sea as well as moving the cargo with a truck, train, or both when it reaches the land.

Multimodal transportations

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Multimodal transportation is ideal for longer trips, either domestically or internationally. If something is shipping between countries, it makes sense to use multimodal transport because it will first be shipped on a boat or a plane and will be transferred to a train or truck once it reaches the destination port.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive suite of multimodal solutions. We have contracts with airlines, containerships, rail carriers, and truckload providers, which allows us to ship any sort of cargo from anywhere in the world. With real-time tracking and tailored solutions available, our customers know that their cargo is always in good hands.

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